Passages - adventures penned by literary giants

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Passages - adventures penned by literary giants

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  Passages is prescribed by eminent practitioners to lymphatic and scrofulous children; to adolescents for troubles associated with growth, amenorrhoea, etc.; to adults for asthma, syphilis, and female hysteria; and to all ages for chronic bouts of ennui. Heed some of the many verifiable testimonials of those who have employed Passages to a great boon upon their well-being:

"After utilizing Passages for just a few days, eyes become bright, the cheeks glow with colour and life, movements are brisk, and there is a complete absence of weariness and depression—all without risk of splitting one's personality." - Robert Louis Stevenson

"Curative of all things uffish. There are games offered as substitutes which appear as mirror images of Passages but which are dangerous as a bandersnatch—be sure to ask for Passages by name." - Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
Passages is a game of literary adventure in the Victorian era and employs a new role-playing system that features: a single d20 for resolution of all conflicts, only two kinds of checks (attributes and skills), skill-based combat and grappling, point-based character creation, and degrees of success and failure based on "spread."

Take the helm of the Nautilus! Cross swords with the Scarlet Pimpernel! Match wits with the devious Professor Moriarty! Anything is possible in the world of Passages.

softcover, 294 pages

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