Age of Treason - Runequest

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Used with the Legend/RuneQuest II rules, this book provides everything you need to create Adventurers equipped to do their bit for Empire or to slip into the shadows and pursue whatever personal goals their treasonous hearts desire. Choose from dozens of new professions, learn new skills, make pacts with gods and demons and deploy the arts of sorcery in new ways. An extended campaign for beginning level adventurers is included to get you started.

Age of Teason features:

  • Setting - A hugely detailed and believable world constructed over many years of development and play
  • Adventurer Creation - Over 50 Adventurer professions for civilised characters
  • Social Status – a new Characteristic to help define your Adventurer
  • New Skills - 6 new skills including Brawl and Fast Talk, plus Education - a new Advanced Skill for literate Adventurers
  • New Cults - 9 new cults including Emperor Worship, as well as guidelines for creating many more, and even for founding a cult of your own.
  • New Magic - more than 30 new spells as well as new magical skills such as Craft (Enchantment) and Craft (Alchemy)
  • Advanced Enchanting – create bespoke magic itemsSpirit Magic – rules for spirits that can manifest in the material world
  • Bribery and Corruption – rules to give your Influence skills a boost by greasing palms
  • Creatures - demonic sorcerer's assistants, wraiths, golem servants and vampires
  • Adventures - an episodic campaign in which even the most humble citizen has the chance to prove his mettle in the Emperor's service.

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