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Expedition: The Roleplaying Card Game is a fast-paced game that allows players to expedite character creation and combat to immediately jump into the role playing experience.

Expedition uses a crossplatform app that is free on iOS, Android, and browser. The app comes with several adventures pre-built into the game, but also provides tools for Guides to create their own experiences.

The game makes use of a unique card-based system for combat. Each player has a deck of eight unique ability cards. Every turn, each player draws three cards, and chooses one to play. This must be done quickly, however, because the app runs during combat, and will only stop to calculate damage once everyone has chosen a card. This simulates the hectic nature of battle, and balances the time spent role-playing and performing combat.



Expedition is a lightweight, app-powered RPG that gets you straight into the adventure. Enjoyed by players of all ages and skill level, the free companion app provides a huge variety of adventures for your enjoyment, and includes open source tools to create your own quests and cards so that there's always something new to play!

The app provides the most up-to-date and detailed explanation of how to play, and can be opened in your browser without a copy of the cards: app.expeditiongame.com - simply select the "Learning to Adventure" quest to learn how Expedition is played!

The app provides dozens of adventures for your enjoyment, with new quests being published all the time. You can also write your own quests at quests.expeditiongame.com.

Once you've gotten the hang of Expedition Classic, there are also advanced game modes in the "Tools" section of the app.

1 - 6 players, including both GM and no-GM modes.

For ages 10+, with dozens of free quests ranging from family-friendly to adult-only.

Inhalt: 166 Karten, Spielmarker ein Würfel und die Spielregeln. Benötigt die Expedition App zum Spiel



Do you play board games with friends? Go on epic adventures without hours of preparation and setup. Useful to have on hand even if your group regularly plays another RPG campaign in case one of your regulars can't make it. "We're excited to play a D&D-esque game without the epic amount of setup." - Tom Wells, author of The Realm Apparent

Are you new to RPGs? Expedition is the perfect introduction to roleplaying games - learn to play in as little as 5 minutes! "This could be the game that bridges board games and roleplaying games." - Brawlin' Brothers

Are you a parent? Enjoy rewarding creative and social gaming experiences with your kids. Unlike most board games that focus on rules and mechanics, Expedition focuses on social storytelling and creative imagination. Expedition is appropriate for ages 8+, and we've built the community quest system so that you can easily filter quests by their age-appropriateness. "Expedition makes for a great introduction for children into the world of roleplaying games" - GeekDad


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