Necromantic Arts - RuneQuest II

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Life and death are two sides of the same coin, and controlling one gives great power over the other. There are many uses for necromancy, some more potent and dangerous than others. On one level, using corpses as animated labourers is little different from using golems or elementals. Many healing spells are partially necromantic in nature, working with dying instead of dead flesh. Other benign uses of necromantic arts including calling up or otherwise contacting the dead as part of religious ceremonies, or even as part of respectful scholarly inquiry. Some cultures or races may accept such forms of necromancy, as long as the dead are honoured and respected, even if they object to sorcerers marching corpses around.

Necromantic Arts is a toolkit for making despicable and terrifying enemies for the players in your Runequest games. Material in this book can be applied to any setting using the Runequest rules, from Glorantha to Lankhmar to Elric or to your own homebrewed games.


112 pages, hardcover







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