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One Shot is a tabletop roleplaying game about sacrifice and vengeance. Two people work together to tell the story of the Shooter, a normal person wronged, and set for revenge. One player plays the Shooter, on their path to their one shot. The other plays the Forces, the world and people around and in the way of the Shooter.

Vengeance is a sharp, messy thing. One Shot doesn't shy away from that. There are no safe spaces in this game; it's two people working through what it means for one human to exact their vengeance on another. Each game session is self-contained, personal, and intimate. The Shooter strives to achieve their goal at a high personal cost. The Forces play all of those personal obstacles. 

One Shot is honest, intimate, and personal.

What happens when a normal human has a chance to do something that most people only dream of? What happens when a personal vendetta consumes someone's life? What will you be willing to sacrifice in order to take your shot?

Based on the Simple Six System by Sand & Steam Productions, the mechanics get out of the way, and let the story take center stage. One Shot is designed to tell a full story in one session, including character creation.


24 pages, full color softcover


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