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They were impossible to control and roamed around like sick animals. Soon odd growths were found on their joints and limbs and the police were busy around the clock handling the damage wrought by the errant machines.

Art from the Things from the Flood RPG core book.

Art by: Simon Stålenhag

Officially licensed Vaesen product from Fria Ligan / Free League Game

All Rolled Up offers an innovative, flexible and all-in-one solution for bringing your gaming to the table. A game roll that combines pocket, pen tidy and dicebag into a single accessory - so that when you're All Rolled Up you're ready to game.

But, it's not just for gamers...

All Rolled Up can carry dice, eraser, index cards, sticky notes, beads, writing gear, drawing kit, boardgame components, trading cards, wargame miniatures, stationery, make-up and more. No need to worry about forgetting anything - All Rolled Up has everything you need to be a prepared player or GM.

All Rolled Up are handmade in the UK.

Maße: 21 x 41 cm

What is an All Rolled Up?

The All Rolled Up, or ARU, is a dice bag and gaming accessory, designed and handmade in the United Kingdom. They have been designed for all-purpose gaming use - whether by roleplayer, trading card gamer, wargamer, or even boardgamers keen to have some basic accessories to-hand.

The ARU measures approximately 40cm wide by 20cm across, with a 10cm deep dice bag secured with a velcro strip sewn across the whole of the bag and flap. The dice bag doesn't only hold dice - it can hold playing cards, sleeved trading cards, miniatures, beads, counters and other gaming accessories.

The fabric is lined and machine stitched. The interior has a pocket, a little over 10cm across with a capacity of 9.5cm by 12cm - sufficient to hold about 60 index cards (7.5cm by 12.5cm) or an unsleeved pack of 60 trading cards. The interior also features a multi-purpose holder for pens, pencils, Sharpies, dry/wet wipe markers, etc. with variable capacity mini-pockets, 12cm deep and between 2cm to 4cm in width.

The ARU also includes a loop, suitable for looping a belt through or securing a carabiner to allow you to attach to something else, like a bag, satchel or rucksack. The side of the ARU has 35cm ties to secure the game roll when rolled up.

How do I care for my Chalk Premium?

The Chalk Premium uses a material called Chalk Cloth. You can wash it like any other ARU, but it will require additional attention to keep in tip-top condition. You can clean the chalk cloth with a duster or a dry piece of paper towel, like a chalkboard, without complication. Cleaning in a washing machine or with a mild non-bleach surface cleaner will give the surface a thorough clean, but you will need to prime it afterwards.

Priming the chalk cloth creates a very fine film of chalk across the surface of the material that makes it easier to mark the surface. All you have to do is rub the side of a stick of chalk across the surface, vertically then horizontally, to cover the whole surface. Then wipe it clean with a duster or dry paper towel, and repeat the process.

We strongly recommend that you purchase a good quality chalk to use with the cloth. Some chalks may contain additives or bulking materials that might scratch or scrape the surface of the chalk cloth. We do not recommend chalk pencils or liquid chalk - and you choose to use anything other than plain sticks of chalk at your own risk.


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