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Set in a bleak near-future of government paralysis, ecological disaster and financial failure, eCollapse focuses on the few who light a candle and curse the darkness. Few, proud and caped, these ideological extremists are hounded by the police for their illegal biological implants, but wanted signs are only one of the barriers they face. Between rampant violence, crumbling civilization and their own allies-in-illegal-crimefighting, the heroes of the future have it rough and like it that way.

So do the villains.

In fact, it can be hard to tell them apart.

eCollapse is a fully statted gritty future supplement for Wild Talents (one of many fine products from ARC DREAM publishing). It also has its own dedicated mechanics, The Smear of Destiny. Whether you run it with its free-standing rules, with Wild Talents or with another RPG entirely, it is designed to focus on the questions of heroism and villainy. eCollapse periodically reassigns the roles of hero and villain (alongside a few others) among the players. These roles provide bonuses and penalties when players go along or resist their predestined actions. If your character is a hero with a villainous destiny, how long can you resist the temptation of unbridled cruelty? If you find yourself cursing the restrictions on the hero, what does that say about your character? Only one way to find out.


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