The Dee Sanction - Faltwürfelteller

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Dice tray inspired by The Dee Sanction roleplaying game, featuring the Sigillum Dei (seal of God) over a fragment of late Elizabethan London.

Artwork by Paul Baldowski

The original square folding dice tray, made from quality printed neoprene fabric – similar to a trading card game playmat or a mouse mat. Plastic snaps on the corners allow you to pinch the edges to create a tray to soften the clatter of dice and contain your rolls. Not just a dice tray, also perfect to use with tabletop and board games to hold tokens and various other game pieces.

When stowed away, fold in half and use the snaps for a narrow, wallet-like profile that fits perfectly inside an All Rolled Up.

Dimensions: 205mm x 205mm

Made in the UK by All Rolled Up

Printed in the UK by Custom Patriot

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