The Stormrider

The Stormrider

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A Creature of Legend

Loose upon the winds of the tempest, astride his evil black steed, is a creature of the storm. It is said you can see him galloping upon the gray storm clouds, urging the winds to greater ferocity. When his anger is especially fierce, he descends to the earth to wreak havoc, leaving a trail of flaming hoofprints behind.

Some say he was a man whose passion overcame him, others say that he is a foul demon, a Horseman of the Apocalypse. The Magus Grimgoth insists that he is an elemental, a magical incarnation of the storm itself. But whatever they think he is, they all know him as . . .

The Stormrider


  • Complete rules for Elementals, including 16 different examples, such as the Storm Dragon and the Mud Hydra.
  • Eight pre-generated Characters, complete with detailed backgrounds and personalities.
  • Eight Briefing sheets, which explain the rules simply and succinctly. Your players only need to read these to play the game.
  • A 32 page Story, which meshes intimately with the characters in the same way your homemade adventures do.

Ars Magica Jump Start Kit
With this kit, you can begin your first session of Ars Magica in less than half an hour. Rules briefing and characters included on perforated sheets within.

Written by Mark Rein-Hagen.

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