Wildest Dreams

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Department of Socio-Chemical Research
D'Aubainne University

May 5, 1993

Dr. Fürchtegott Nusbaum, Director
D'Aubainne Hospital and Trauma Center
271 D'Aubainne Avenue
Justice Barrio, the Edge
Al Amarja

Dear Dr. Nusbaum:

Enclosed is the final report of our findings concerning the drug Nightmare and its attendant subculture.

We have found solid basis for Her Exaltedness's concern over the proliferation of this narcotic. For years Nightmare was the purview of only the wealthiest of the decadent. Increasing use is seen in other demographic groups -- most alarmingly, among the island's adolescents and university-aged thrill-seekers.

We have researched these matters as thoroughly as possible. However, we regret that much of this information remains speculative, based on hearsay and incomplete data. We trust that Her Exaltedness will keep this in mind for the purpose of policy decisions and implementation.

On behalf of my colleagues, I remain,

Sincerely yours,

Stan Nyb
Report Editor

cc: Dr. F. Nusbaum

Written by Robin Laws, reg Stolze, and John Tynes.

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