Kids & Critters RPG Anthology

Kids & Critters RPG Anthology

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Kids & Critters combines three of Beyond Belief Games most endearing role playing games into one wonderful package. Bringing to mind stories like Watership Down and Duncton Wood, the fabulous Tales from The Wood is a great role playing game for all ages. Lashings of Ginger Beer sends you back to Idyllic England, where nosey kids investigate real and imagined crimes, in the great tradition of Enid Blyton. Finally, we have the unusual but brilliantly charming It’s a Dog’s Life; definitely the best prairie dog role playing game ever.

Reviews from RPGNet:

“Whether you are looking for something you can play with the family or just something new to try, this game will not let you down. Simple and direct and lovingly dedicated in both style and design to its subject matter, Tales from the Wood is a delight.”

“WOW! What an amazing game. So simple, yet done to perfection. Having grown up with the Famous Five novels and TV show, I immediately wanted to play this. The rules and particularly the skills perfectly reflect the genre and add to the total feel of the game.”

“It's a Dogs Life' from Beyond Belief Games surprised the heck out of me. Of all of the games in their product line, this one was the game I least wanted to like. American Indian-like Prairie Dogs? What's next, neurotic and hard-boiled hamsters? In the end, I found it the most charming and interesting of Mr. Washbourne's games.”


150 pages, softcover

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