City-State of the Sea Kings

City-State of the Sea Kings

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City-State of the Sea Kings is the newest production from Judges Guild. A book 12 years in the making, it is the largest Judges Guild product to date, with over 375 pages of all new material and a fold out double-sided map, too. Judges Guild created the first world for roleplaying back in 1976, so you can trust them to make a product with REAL adventure in mind. Lead Author/Game Designer Chris Bernhardt and Robert Bledsaw II of Judges Guild have stayed the course on this project, pursuing the wish of Judges Guild founder Bob Bledsaw I, after his unfortunate passing in April 2008. City-State of the Sea Kings expands the Wilderlands of High Fantasy and opens up the southern environs of the Judges Guild world to a level never before seen in publication. No longer will you just game in the northern City-States! You can now travel south and investigate more of the Wilderlands than ever before! Massive sea battles and expansive land exploration of the Isle of the Blest continent beckon! So, warm up those dice, and prepare to face more fantastic challenges than you can imagine!

This official game setting/supplement for the Judges Guild Wilderlands contain a comprehensive description of Rallu, the City-State of the Sea Kings, as well as a detailed overview of the whole of the Isle of the Blest. The product also ncludes a removable full-color double-sided 17 x 22 inch map of both the entire Isle of the Blest and the City of Rallu itself. The book is compatable with all classic editions.

375 pages, softcover



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