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A stand-alone science fiction roleplaying game of post-human loss and redemption by Greg Saunders, using the Open D6 system. 


Something has awoken.


What you know...

Increasingly you feel you are not in your own body. Dreams have come that shake your belief in yourself. Your sleeping mind is full of incredible hints at higher realities, snatches of a heavenly existence, and the pain of a terrible fall from grace. Now this place where you live no longer feels like home. And the Dreams are getting stronger, and stranger…


What you have been told...

The thing that calls itself the Envoy has told you that something has awakened inside of you. And with that awakening comes a realisation that you were once something more than human; you were a god, a post-human, one of the Numina.

Your world was called Elysium – a paradise beyond this reality. Separated from the material realm, your kind found delight in watching and manipulating the lesser beings trapped in a material existence on the Flame Worlds, playthings created for your pleasure. You called it Dreaming, an endless source of entertainment and intrigue.

But times change. You committed a crime.

And for that you were thrown out, ejected, named an Exile. Now even in your awakened state Elysium seems little more than a vague memory.

Now that this truth has been revealed to you, it seems an obvious thing.

But there is hope. The Envoy offers a way to resolve the guilt of your crime. Increasingly you see that this is the only way you can return to Elysium. Under the Envoy’s guidance you invoke your one-time comrades, the Numina, and through them reveal more of your home and your past. Doing so risks psychosis, but the Envoy gives you the black pills to help with that.

This is where you are – the Flame Worlds, a place of death and intrigue, among billions of souls trapped in this mundane existence. You and your fellow Exiles must accept the Envoy’s offer, and meet others of your kind to do his bidding. What will you discover among the Flame Worlds? Who knows, but if it ends your exile, it is worth it.


Exilium is a game of science fiction adventure and intrigue set against a backdrop of post-human loss and redemption, powered by the Open D6 system! 


159 Seiten, vollfarbiges Softcover



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