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The Heir escapes a Palace Coup

The royal family was slain in a palace coup, with only a teenage princess spared from slaughter. A group of unlikely and untrustworthy adults escorted her safely to her aunt's palace, and this is the story of their perilous journey.

In this roleplaying game, one person portrays the young princess during this escape, guided by...

  • Ulu the Veteran, a soldier fallen from grace.
  • Xanling the Scholar, an exiled foreign academic.
  • Tanalor the Magister, a sorcerer whose master fell.
  • Malani the Faithful, servant of a ruthless goddess.
  • Peryani the Hunter, slayer and captor of beasts, &
  • Illic the Shadow, master of crime and injustice.

Palanquin is a one-shot roleplaying game of trust and fear. Are you ready to guide the Heir to safety?

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