Bizenghast Adventure Game

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When life ends . . . adventure begins!

The Bizenghast Adventure Game allows you and your friends to embark on chilling adventures in the Bizenghast universe, based on the smash-hit Tokyopop manga series by M. Alice LeGrow. Inside you’ll learn how to create your own supernatural guild, explore haunted vaults, and do battle with unbearable entities.

Other features include:

- An exclusive look at the world of Bizenghast, including never-before-revealed secrets about ghosts and the afterlife.

- A complete role-playing game using the fast-playing Epiphany Engine game system. Designed from the ground up with beginners in mind.

- A dynamic character creation system. Customize your character with psychic powers, special skills, and magic spells.

- Fantastic new illustrations by M. Alice LeGrow.

- Ideas, advice, and more!


114 page softcover


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