The Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia

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Great worms from the bowels of the earth bore their way to the surface, bringing with them the disruptive power of Chaos!

The Chaos Gods Come to Meatlandia brings you a ton of role-playing goodies, including:

7 Brand New Classes: The fourth wall breaking Chaos DJ, the charming Raconteur, the reality altering Nexus Bard, the spider-headed Kaldane, the body-altering Meat Mage, the honorable Rust Knight, and the mysterious Death's Hand Assassin.

Meat Magic: A whole new set of 75 gruesome spells for Meatlandia's Meat Mages!

The City of Meatlandia: A seething metropolis, torn by Chaos and rife with danger. Referee Tools include: Disease Tables! Rumor Tables! Encounter Tables! Refugee Tables! Game Seeds!

Chaos Storms: Magical tempests where just about anything can (and does) happen: presented in a huge d100 table!

Monsters: Stats for 11 new baddies, including Meatimals, Meat Monsters, and Meat Men!

Requires the Old-School Essentials or similar Old School System to Play


"a lot of really useful fun stuff in here" Questing Beast

"The sheer creativity, imagination, goofiness, grossness, usefulness, and fun of this book, coupled with its strong and consistent theme of order putrefying into chaos while reality takes a lunch break, make this a must-buy for all you OSR freaks and geeks out there." Justin Stewart, Dragons Gonna Drag

"I have not seen this level of published setting creativity since 2e...Much better than the staid stuff WOTC is making." solomani

"I love this thing. It's the most inventive, fun, game-related thing I've bought for years. " akajdrakeh

"This. Is. Good. Elfgame. Writing." Prince of Nothing

"It's like you snuck into my meat draped dreams and wrote a module just for me!" Random Guy on Facebook






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Versandgewicht: 1,5 kg
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