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The Green Law of Varkith is a Dungeon World setting wherein you play the members of a newly formed guild in Varkith, trying to make your way as the little fish in a city full of predators. Inspired by titles like Planescape: Torment, K.J. Bishop’s The Etched City, and China Mieville’s Perdido Street Station, The Green Law of Varkith brings urban politics to Dungeon World.

It’s a fantastic, fully laid-out setting book full of art, guild rules, ten different peoples, adventure fronts and dangers, monsters, magical items, and compendium classes.

The Green Law of Varkith includes:

  • New rules for guilds, both for advancing and acting with your own, and for the panoply of guilds throughout the city
  • New peoples, each with three different ways to play them in your game, each with its own different history, identity, and abilities
  • New locations throughout Varkith, with their own unique rules, and Fronts to bring city-endangering threats to play
  • Monsters like the enormous plague-bear Ursalok;
  • Compendium Classes like the Jadethroats who can command enormous animated corpses throughout the city; and
  • Relics like Dr. Iso’s Knife of Connective Processes, a teleportal in knife form!

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