XDM - Quest for the Tavern

XDM - Quest for the Tavern

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Pop quiz…
  • Your PC is hanging by his wrists, suspended from the darkness by chains.
  • There is a gaping crevasse below you.
  • There is an enraged dragon in the crevasse.
  • Next to the pit is a mad wizard monologueing about how he has exacted his revenge on you at last.
  • And you have no idea who he is, how you got here or why you aren’t still back in the tavern sipping your ale.

What do you do, hot shot?

Quest for the Tavern is an original adventure for four to eight X-Treme Dungeoneers and their X-Treme Dungeon Master.  This module uses the XD20 roleplaying system as documented in XDM: X-Treme Dungeon Mastery, but any XDM of 5th level or higher can easily adapt the module to their system of choice.  This 44 page, black and white, stapled booklet is full of exciting adventures sure to make everyone laugh.

Adventurers begin suspended over a pit full of dragon with a strange wizard ranting at them about his ultimate revenge.  They must escape their predicament and return to the tavern before doppelgangers drink all the beer and ruin their reputations.  

Included in this module:

Instructions and construction sheets for a Pit of a Pendulum trap
Flying anvils


44 pages, Black and White



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