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Gamemasters, keep your inner workings safe and sound behind this beautiful skyline of the futuristic Bay City, much like the actual Bay City in which many dark secrets and mysteries are sure to lie hidden until uncovered. Comes with useful game mechanics and systems detailed on the back for quick reference by the Game Master during sessions. Altered Carbon: The Role Playing Game will employ the Hazard System, a brand new game system that finds inspiration in popular engines like Outbreak: Undead, all while delivering unique gameplay specifically designed for this RPG. This GM screen will make it as easy as possible for the GM to lead the players on a dystopian adventure. Requires Altered Carbon: The RPG to play.

  • 3 full-color panels with Bay Cityart facing the players and useful info at the GM’s fingertips.
  • Quick Reference Tables for a seamless storytelling experience.
  • Includes status effects and triggered combat effects for combat.


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