Strange Adventures 2 - Kids on Bikes

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Even more odd events are happening in small towns. Somethings Brewing in Eastwick like a Storm in the Castle. Some kids are Following the Path while others are in Uncharted Territory. It might seem like there’s Banality Next Door or like There’s No Suck Place as Koreatown. There are even Students on ScootersKids in BooksKids in Toons and Kids on Motorcycles.  

 Who will YOU ride with? 

Strange Adventures #2 is a book of adventure hooks and story guidelines for people exploring the world of Kids on Bikes. Featuring 17 brand new towns to explore and 3 adventure prompts that can be added to your existing game! The book even features rules for giving your kids bikes that impact their stats! So check out these adventures from writers like Rob Daviau, Clio Yun-su Davis, Sarah Doombringer, and Jonaya Kemper.  


  • Official content for your Kids on Bikes adventures! 

  • 17 unique town settings and 3 adventure prompts created by seasoned writers! 

  • Give your bike stats that will impact your character!  

  • Powered by the Kids on Bikes system! 


  • 80 Page Full-Color Softcover Book 

  • For 2-6 players 

  • Sample Module (adventure)  

  • Rules for Communally Controlled Powered Characters  




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