Universalis RPG - Revised Edition

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  The Universe is in your hands in this cooperative game system and toolkit where players author, influence, and contribute to exciting, multi-genre stories, while shaping and re-designing the foundation of the world. Build detailed settings, fashion exciting locations, create compelling characters, and develop history and backgrounds with the carefully crafted rules and robust game mechanics that encourage suspense and meaningful conflict while providing the tools to keep the story focused and moving forward.

More than just a third printing with corrected errata the Revised edition features text that has been nearly 80% rewritten with the benefit of three years of experience and player feedback. Greater clarity has been brought to every section, especially the chapter on Complications.

Also included is some additional content. Universalis introduced the concept of the Rules Gimmick, a formal process for introducing house rules into your game to customize your own play experience. Some of the Gimmicks that have been introduced by fans have become so widespread and commonly used that they are practically standard at this point, so these have been inserted as options in the appropriate chapters.

While the rules have not changed significantly, there are enough changes to the text to warrant calling this the Revised edition. If you already own one of the earlier printings you’ll be pleased to add this version to your game collection as well, especially if you had some difficulty with the early presentation. If you are reading Universalis for the first time, you can thank the current fans of the game for making this version much more accessible to new players

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