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Year of Conflict -- Year in Review!

Where to Go, What to See, Who to Kill ...


The modern Solo needs information in a concise and timely manner -- and we at Solo of Fortune magazine are dedicated to meeting that need. In this year-end annual, we present some of the best of the last seven years, including all your most-requested features:

  • J.T. & Bubba's weapons reviews!
  • America's Top Ten Solos!
  • Your favorite columnists -- C.J. O'Reilly in South America & Jersey Witherspoon's Dead on Target!
  • The Open Road -- the latest in walking vehicles and heavy armament!
  • Adam Smasher -- a full-borg Solo speaks his mind!
  • The Future of Force -- civilian / military Solo trends over the next ten years!

Plus the Hiring Hall, Letters, Ads and more ...

Solo of Fortune Magazine -- Buy or Die! It's Just that Simple

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