The Short Games Digest 1

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The short games digest is the first project of the San Jenaro Co-op. With over 11 full fantastic games, the Short Games Digest hits an eclectic mix of stories and settings. Lovelorn Knights, dice-playing gods, retro future space operas, dreams of dead gods we've got it all!

Each game is completely self-contained and ready to play immediately with nothing but the digest.

  • In Yesterday’s Tomorrow, Today!, immerse yourself in fast-paced rockabilly space opera.
  • In Clerics, play a cleric who gets NO RESPECT in an utterly inept party of adventurers.
  • In Lonely Knights, play handsome young pages wooing the Knights of the Round Table with manly feats of manly manliness!
  • In The Gods Play Dice, you are gambling deities whose stakes are their world.
  • In The Great Instrument, play the descendants of heroes driving back demons and reclaiming the world-shaping mecha they live in.

And so many more!


139 Seiten, Softcover

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