Dust, Fog, and Glowing Embers - Hardcover

Dust, Fog, and Glowing Embers - Hardcover

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In Dust, Fog, and Glowing Embers, create characters on the bottom rung of the socio-economic ladder in an early industrial-age city. Try to better your lot in life by accepting the help of a Patron, who will send you on dangerous missions. Inject special alchemical essences into your veins to turn yourself into mist, dust, or smoke. Seep under doors, avoid physical attacks, or hide in plain sight in the streets of the smoggy city.

Building on the engine of The Indie Hack, this game has rules for activating alchemical powers, shifting bodily humours (your psychological predisposition), and creating pseudo-scientific rituals.

Collect outstanding debts, purified essences, horrible scars, and dubious allies in this dark take on proto-industrial fantasy.


Black and White, Hardcover
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