Guide to Apparitions - B-Ware

Guide to Apparitions - B-Ware

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Beyond the veil of mortal sight lies a world of entities that do far more than just go bump in the night!

For every person alive today, a score or more have gone before him. Little wonder then that stories of ghosts date back to the earliest days of civilization. This sourcebook is a detailed guide to ghosts and other haunting spirits for the Ubiquity roleplaying system.

Pierce the veil betwixt the worlds of the living and the dead and you will find:

  • An overview of ghosts throughout history
  • Information on the creation and identification of specters
  • How to create haunted houses
  • 34 ghostly powers, allowing you to customize haunting spirits
  • 31 sample ghosts, from banshees to wraiths
  • 13 unique apparitions
  • Two new occult tomes and one new ritual

64 Pages, Softcover


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