Book of Archetypes 2

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Book of Archetypes 2

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When Hell is full of dead Archetypes . . .

just open up this tome and hand out more!

Fresh from the brains of our most rabid AFMBE fans comes more zombie madness. The Book of Archetypes 2 turns the screw a little tighter and adds more fuel to the fire. Players can choose from Norms, Survivors, and Inspired, as well as some new folks straight out of the AFMBE supplements Enter the Zombie, Pulp Zombies, and Fistful o' Zombies.

Ever had a new player show up without a character? Or maybe your current character has given up his brain to feed the masses! Crack open this book and start spreading the love . . . and bullets . . . once more.

Book of Archetypes 2 is a supplement for All Flesh Must Be Eaten. In it you will find:

  • More than 30 new Archetypes for you and your players to place in harm's way!
  • Each Archetype comes complete with personality, quote, gear, full game stats, and ready-to-eat gray matter!

48 pages


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