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Covert Generation

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Covert Generation is a roleplaying game of young secret agents set to take on, take down, and shut down the machinations of The X, those once angst-filled slackers who soon joined the corporate machines and sold out their world and their values along the way. The Covert Generation have very simple goals: spread the truth and set the world right again.

Agents are young, some not even teens. However, their drive, dedication and clandestine connections to the rest of the Covert Generation give them the edge they need to fight and win in an increasingly dangerous world. They've turned games into training and toys into weapons, and they're not about to back down when things get tough.

Covert Generation contains everything needed for play and is written by Caz Granberg and illustrated by Leanne Buckley (Human Head Studios), Garth Graham (www.comedity.com) and John Worsley (Talisman Studios). Graphic design is done by Jason L Blair (Human Head Studios).

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