Combat Orders No. 1 - Donars Hammer

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It is July 1943, and the greatest naval armada the world has ever seen is driving through the night toward Sicily. Before it gets there, a small team of American Talents and veteran British soldiers has a critical mission to accomplish behind enemy lines -- find and neutralize Mjollnir, a superhuman German Ubermensch capable of sinking the mightiest Allied ships with a glance.

Donar's Hammer has plenty to appeal to newcomers to GODLIKE and veterans alike, including often-requested rules for handling large groups of soldiers quickly in combat, new rules for interrogation, and, of course, the mix of intensively researched history and hard-hitting superheroic action that makes Godlike unique. It also features guidelines for converting to and from the d20-based alternate rules in the GODLIKE rulebook and complete d20-based stats for all characters.

Check your parachute -- it's time to jump. Sicily is waiting!


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