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Roll up dice bag and gaming accessory inspired by The Dee Sanction roleplaying game, featuring a playing card with an image of Doctor John Dee — drawn by Evlyn Moreau, an Agent of Dee’s Sigillum Dei amulet, and a gold mourning ring.

Graphic Design: Paul Baldowski; illustration of John Dee: Evlyn Moreau

Dimensions: 410 x 210mm when opened flat.

Made in the UK by All Rolled Up

Masse: 21 x 41 cm

What is an All Rolled Up?

The All Rolled Up, or ARU, is a dice bag and gaming accessory, designed and handmade in the United Kingdom. They have been designed for all-purpose gaming use - whether by roleplayer, trading card gamer, wargamer, or even boardgamers keen to have some basic accessories to-hand.

The ARU measures approximately 40cm wide by 20cm across, with a 10cm deep dice bag secured with a velcro strip sewn across the whole of the bag and flap. The dice bag doesn't only hold dice - it can hold playing cards, sleeved trading cards, miniatures, beads, counters and other gaming accessories.

The fabric is lined and machine stitched. The interior has a pocket, a little over 10cm across with a capacity of 9.5cm by 12cm - sufficient to hold about 60 index cards (7.5cm by 12.5cm) or an unsleeved pack of 60 trading cards. The interior also features a multi-purpose holder for pens, pencils, Sharpies, dry/wet wipe markers, etc. with variable capacity mini-pockets, 12cm deep and between 2cm to 4cm in width.

The ARU also includes a loop, suitable for looping a belt through or securing a carabiner to allow you to attach to something else, like a bag, satchel or rucksack. The side of the ARU has 35cm ties to secure the game roll when rolled up.

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