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If the Mana Storms Don't Get You . . .
The Bunyips Will!

"You think Bug City was bad? Chummer, you ain't seen nothin' like Australia's Outback. Mana storms sneak up on you, dropping acid or fire or turning your transport into melted slag. You can run for cover, but the cave you hide in may actually be some astral mirage that doesn't really exist. If you're lucky, Awakened dingoes won't eat you and you'll crawl back to the sprawl . . . only to die of thirst when you don't have the cred to buy precious drinking water."

Target: Awakened Lands features areas where magic is wild and unpredictable. It focuses on Australia, a land scarred by violent mana storms and infused with potent Dreamtime Aboriginal magic. It also describes new fluctuations in magic like astral rifts to the metaplanes and details other magical locales, from the slithering Cambodian jungles to the spirit-haunted heights of Kilimanjaro.

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