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This supplemental deck for Masks, the tabletop RPG, features 54 unique villains with their own portraits, names, drives, powers, moves, conditions, and descriptions! It has everything a GM needs to populate Halcyon City with a slew of dangerous, dastardly, and devilish villains!

The Deck of Villainy

Villains are an elusive lot, and they can evade you at just the wrong moment—like when you need to put some nefarious miscreant in the way of a team of young superheroes. Not to worry, though! The Deck of Villainy has 54 villains ready to go, each with full-color art by Michael Lee Lunsford, layout by Daniel Solis, and text by Brendan Conway, along with a tuckbox by Sarah Richardson.

Each card comes with the villain’s portrait, drive, description, and list of their abilities. It also includes a set of moves and conditions to use during play. Each villain has everything you need to quickly and easily bring a new nemesis into your game of Masks.

Also included is a summary card with the rules for creating your own villains, so you can quickly and easily generate your own addition to this rogue’s gallery on the fly.

The Deck of Villainy will ensure your heroes have nary a safe moment from the dastardly threats to Halcyon City!

Masks: A New Generation

Masks is a tabletop RPG about young superheroes growing up in Halcyon City, trying to determine who they are and fighting some villains along the way. While you play, you and your friends tell comic-book style stories about young superheroes and their identities, their drama, and their adventures.

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