The Legion Cycle

The Legion Cycle

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An Ancient Evil Stirs

A child, blessed by the Almighty with visions to aid the fight against the foul Adversary, has been spiritually assaulted by vicious devils of all sorts. Taken to the famed Court of Whispers, birthplace of the Accord, Witch Hunters from throughout
Europe have attempted to aid her to no avail. The characters are compelled to follow her visions across the ocean to the New World. Can they triumph against the forces of the Adversary before the veil between worlds is torn asunder and devils walk
the Earth?

Omens and signs lead the Witch Hunters to seemingly unrelated events: discord in an idyllic new world fishing port, an English sea captain and his beautiful daughter pursuing a fortune in silver,and rumblings of danger in the islands of New Spain, all
unfold in the machinations of an ancient menace.

The world stands on the brink, and only the Witch Hunters stand in the way!

The book contains a lengthy campaign collecting and intertwining the classic Witch Hunter adventures: A Child’s Game, Gates of Flame, On Silver Wings, and Tides of Darkness.

Months of adventure await, can your Witch Hunters stop one of the Adversary’s greatest servants returned from biblical times?


132 page color softcover


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