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Spellcraft and Swordsmanship. Service and ambition. Fae and Mystery. Six expansions for Good Society.

Cast spells in Practical Magics, take on a masked identity to fight evil in Swordsmanship, explore servants’ stories in Downstairs at the Abbey, and advance your career and fortunes in Emma, Forget Me Not. 
All while retaining perfect genteel decorum.
The book includes:

  • The Fae Court (Mini-Expansion)

In this mini-expansion, play as ambitious members of one of the four courts, scheming for power. Or play a mortal pulled into the Fae realm, lost in a web of promises, enchantments, and dark secrets. Beware what you touch, you eat, you speak, you hear. For none return from this place unchanged.

  • Lady Susan P.I. (Mini-Expansion)

    Add a layer of murder mystery atop your regency roleplaying with this mini-expansion.

  • Sense, Sensibility and Swordsmanship

    Add masked identities to Austen’s world, as well as a new rooftop phase and mechanics for carrying out daring deeds.

  • Emma, Forget me not

    Expand your tale to span decades, with mechanics that plot you career, fortunes and station, as well as relationships that change over time.

  • Pride, Prejudice and practical magics

    Bring spellcasting and enchantments into the game, along with magical factions and otherworldly relationships.

  • Downstairs at the Abbey

    Play servants with stories to tell of their own, and add a new phase to your game where upstairs and downstairs collide.

This is the the Expanded Acquaintance Hardcover and Expansion Cards


Hardcover und zwei Spielkartensätze als Zugabe.

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