Dinosaurs in Spaaace!

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Dinosaurs.  Rockets.  The 1950s.  What do they have in common?  They're saturated with coolness.  But can they somehow work together? 

Only two answers are possible: Yes, and HELL YES. 

Dinosaurs...in SPAAACE! runs on the Token Effort engine, a tried and tested rules-set that privileges pratfalls over point-stacking and mania over min-maxing.  It quantifies humor and rewards you whether people are laughing with you, or at you.  No really, Token Effort tramples drunkenly over all difficulties with honey-badger insouciance: You can download the whole thing free at http://www.gregstolze.com/inSpaaace.zip and see for yourself.

What Dinosaurs... in SPAAACE! does is take the original game's lean, surly and minimalist approach to plot resolution and expand it with 50,000+ words worth of time-warped, rocket fueled setting madness.  Gray aliens?  They're in there.  Time travel?  Alternate universes?  Both are handled with keen intelligence and sophisticated advice, along with a load of evil twin jokes.  A secret US space agency tasked with battling fugitive Nazis from the dark side of the moon and their mysterious dimension-spanning allies?  I can neither confirm or deny that, but if such an agency did exist, even its 52-year-old secretary would be trained in seven different ways to kill a man with her bare hands (and one with a pair of pantyhose).  All this plus Greys, Scientology jokes, a brief primer on post-WWII rocketry, and the sinister truth behind those Easter Island statues.

146 Seiten, softcover

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