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Break Today - The Mak Attak Sourcebook

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The Mak Attax Sourcebook


Hey, consumer - have some fries with your universal transcendance! The bizarre occult conspiracy known as Mak Attax wants to upsize your soul, one fast-food burger at a time, until we all go dancing out the doorways of the luminous clown's thousands of mystically aligned restaurants and into a bold new future of magickal enlightenment. The men and women of Mak Attax are dreamers, cranks, agitators, crackpots, idealists, saboteurs, poseurs, fanatics, and everything in between. The rest of the Occult Underground thinks they're either complete losers or the most dangerous threat the world has ever faced. But no matter what the Maks hang tough, wash their hands regularly, and serve up a value meal of mojo their way.

Contents include:

  • The Mak Attax Story
  • Major GMCs
  • Assorted Crews
  • New Artifacts
  • New Rituals
  • New Archetypes
  • Four New Magick Schools: Anagram Gematria, Plutophagy, Herpemancy, and Geomancy
  • Rules for Familiars
  • Scenario Hooks
  • And 100% Pure Canola Oil.


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