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Cthulhu 101

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Do You Know Cthulhu?

No?!? Never fear! Cthulhu 101 lets you in on the mystery, and lays it all out in the open. From “How do you pronounce Cthulhu?” to the 8 Best Cthulhoid Board Games, Cthulhu 101 has most of the questions, and all of the answers. Do you know the shocking truth about Hastur? Which Elder Sign is right for you? Don’t guess — find out!



Cthulhu 101 is aimed squarely at this who are “Cthulhu-curious” but don’t want to dive right into a whole mass of books and stories and everything else. It’s for people who walk into a store or a gaming convention and see the plush Cthulhus and Shoggoths, the resin models, the games, the DVDs, and the shelves of books and wonder “What’s this whole Cthulhu/H.P. Lovecraft thing all about, anyway?”

Modeled after such short, light-tone books as the Bluffers Guide series, Cthulhu 101 combines clear, basic answers to common first questions: (”What is Cthulhu?” “Who is H.P. Lovecraft?” “What is the ‘Cthulhu Mythos’?”) with lists (”11 Best Lovecraft Stories (Not Starring Cthulhu)” “Lovecraft’s Lineup:
10 (or 11) Members of Cthulhu’s Peer Group” “12 More Best Other Cthulhu Mythos Stories”, “8 Best Lovecraftian Movies” “9 Surprising Encounters With the Cthulhu Mythos”) and overviews of Cthulhu’s presence in pop culture from games to TV to comics to music.

Graphically clean and friendly, Cthulhu 101 also includes interior illustrations and cover by the  very talented Drew Pocza.



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