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Adventure! Fantasy inludes 3 settings for Adventure! Revised Edition:


There is a road, deep in the Carpathians, bringing you to an ample vale, full of dark, misty woods. It is Gothica.

The ruler of the vale is Count Wolfgang Von Vurdalak, last heir of an ancient family which earned their power through bloodshed and slaughter. In the last few years nobody has seen Count Vurdalak by day, and his decrees are administered by minor nobles each with their own domain. There is a saying in Gothica: if you enter the dark vale, you’ll never leave it… alive!

Gothica is the supernatural horror setting for Adventurers! Grab your black powder pistol and your rapier, wear your tabard and don’t forget to bring a silver cross with you!

Avast, ye landlubbers! In this dark pirate setting, players adventure as swashbuckling heroes eager for fortune and fame on the Cursed Spanish Main.

Drawing inspiration from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, players will sail the Cursed Caribbean as greedy pirates, rough privateers, hardy explorers, attractive governors’ daughters, dark Voodoo priests or cunning merchants. Will you hoard piles of treasure, or will you be eaten by ravenous zombies or drowned by the alluring Mermaids? 

New rules for handling naval battles and life at sea, severed limbs, eye patches, trained pets, sharp wits and dark voodoo practices make this setting a must for ye all, mateys!

Kung Fu Adventurers

Unleash your inner energy! In this setting players will become animal heroes living exciting martial arts adventures in the fictional, far-eastern empire of Xi’An. 

Drawing inspiration from the Kung Fu Panda movies, each player will hail from an “Animal Clan” and fight cinematic battles defending their land against evil demons, Hong Kong movie style! Will you be a wandering monk hero of the Tiger Clan, a violent brute of the Boar Clan, a frightening Wushu sorcerer of the Mantis Clan or a heartless assassin of the Snake Clan? 

Many different martial arts schools, incredible cloud-walking skills, awesome Chi focusing abilities, a new Power sphere focusing on Pressure Points and a lot of exotic weapons await you in this wuxia setting!

The Dungeon

This companion takes Adventurers! back to the real roots of gaming: fantasy dungeon crawling! 

As a player, you’ll find extra rules and options to lead the heroes into ancient ruins full of monsters and treasures, just like in the old 80s role playing games, plus rules for creating a heroes’ company and building your own stronghold.

 As a Game Master do you have no time to design complex maps for your dungeons? Fear not: in the sourcebook you’ll find a complete, abstract and map-less system to venture in labyrinths, plus rules for traps, crafting magical items, handling dungeon situations and much more!


110 pages, softcover


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