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The 10 year anniversary edition of carry., the classic indie rpg

carry. a game about war. centers on the story of a squad of United States Marines in the Vietnam war. You take on the role of one of these soldiers, creating issues and problems that he has brought with him into the jungle. Over the course of the game, these burdens will come into conflict, hastening the squads dissolution.

This is the revised edition, incorporating 10 years of experience into a re-organized, rewritten and expanded game that delivers the same memorable play. Considering the psychological side of the war, this short-form game is designed to play out in one session, but contains enough complexity and variety that each session will be a unique experience.

This softcover book comes in a removable dust jacket that contains play aids on the reverse side, providing an all-on-one play resource.

Few Vietnam movies provoke thought rather than revel in barbarity or revisionism under the pretense of reflection. This game boldly promotes the former rather than the latter. - Ron Edwards all cases the engine [of the game] drives the story, not the other way around. But it drives it directly, interestingly, and well from a base of recognizable, genuine human concerns - Kenneth Hite, Out of the Box review

There is a tendency in RPGs to address serious issues through a lens of fantasy, but carry makes no compromises. - Play This Thing review

More details about the game can be found in the reviews linked above, or here.


Softcover black-and-white book. Das PDF des Buches ist im Lieferumfang enthalten.

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