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The Savage World of Solomon Kane RPG

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–The Savage World of Solomon Kane the role-playing game based on Robert E. Howard’s somber Puritan, has been sent to print! Driven by Pinnacle’s award winning and ever expanding Savage Worlds™ system, The Savage World of Solomon Kane brings the tales of the beloved pulp adventure writer to life with stunning new art and all-new original writing from Pinnacle’s finest talent.

Kane is a masterwork. The lavishly illustrated volume extends over 352 pages, taking players down the Path of Kane. Adventurers are whisked across Kane’s 17th Century globe as they swashbuckle and delve into the depths of the Plot Point Campaign™. In a time of savagery and horror, players wander the darkest corners of the earth to honor their convictions and battle the evil they find with pistol, sword, and an all-new magic system specific to Howard’s vision of the dark and mysterious powers of the supernatural.


352 page hardcover

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