Knights of the Rose and Cross

Knights of the Rose and Cross

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"Heroic deeds awaken humanity's slumbering soul." -- Rosenkreuz

From time immemorial, the Order of the Rose and Cross has protected the innocent, defended the helpless, and brought justice to the wicked. Beloved by all, patronized by kings and commoners alike, they represent the best of the human spirit. But hidden secrets lie behind their noble seal -- secrets that could shatter Théah if they become known. Don the tabard of the Rose and Cross, and learn what Théan honor truly means.

The Knights of the Rose and Cross includes:

  • A detailed history and background of this ancient sect.
  • The knowledge at the heart of the order which the Knights keep hidden from all -- even their own members.
  • Expanded rules for creating your own Knights, including new Advantages, a new Swordsman school, and guidelines on creating your own chapterhouses.
  • A complete adventure with a new chase map.

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