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Explorers Society

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There Are More Things In Heaven And Earth . . .

Since the dawn of time, curious men and women have gazed at the horizon with longing, daring to question what lies beyond. In the world of Théah, such dreamers have a name - The Explorer's Society. Since their quiet beginnings as gentleman adventurers, they have risen to capture the hearts and minds of the world with their exploits. On the far edges of the Western Ocean, their ships push the boundaries of the unknown. In Syrneth ruins, they face deadly traps and unspeakable monsters to uncover forgotten lore. Wherever brave men fear to tread, you will find them. Knowledge is a right, but only the most daring can bring it to the world. Join the Explorer's Society . . .and learn the meaning of the word "hero."

  • The history of the Society, from its founding to the present day.
  • Information on their current operations, including the deadliest sites they have uncovered.
  • New rules for creating Explorer characters, including a complete list of Syrneth artifacts drawn from three years of published material.
  • Fully compatible with both d20 System rules and the classic 7th Sea system!
96 pages


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