Cathay - Jewel of the East

Cathay - Jewel of the East

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Jewel of the East

Beyond Cabora . . . Beyond the Wall of Fire . . . Beyond Imagination . . .

At long last, the secrets of the mysterious East are revealed! Cathay - where family honor is paramount and beauty can be found in everything from a humble rice bowl to a carved jade talisman. Meet the inhabitants of the Seven Kingdoms, from the horsemen of Xian Bei to the fierce pirates of Tiakhar. Charged with the tien ming - the Mandate of Heaven - the beautiful young Celestial Empress rules over the fabled nation as she battles forces that seek to topple the Dynasty and unleash terror throughout the land.

  • A complete history of the Seven Kingdoms.
  • Details about cities from the temporary encampments of the nomadic Xian Bei to the Imperial City of Jing Du.
  • New swordsman schools, new secret societies, new creatures, new inventions, new magic, and details about the newest sorcery in Théah.
  • The truth about the Wall of Fire and the Corridors of Flame.
  • Ideas for running complete campaigns within Cathay.
  • Fully compatible with both d20 System rules and the classic 7th Sea system!


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