Ships and Sea Battles

Ships and Sea Battles

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"Broadside cannons, fire at will!"

The seas of Théah are home to dangerous men and women . . . almost as dangerous as the vessels they sail. Now, learn about the mighty ships that ply the waves, seeking plunder for their crews and hunting the enemies of their nations. Learn the details of Théah's most thrilling sea battles, and find out how to bring similar epic clashes to your campaign. Ships and Sea Battles contains all the information you need for sea-going adventures, including new mass naval rules, details on exotic ports, guidelines for campaigns set entirely onboard ships, and more! On the open waves, your ship is the only thing between you and a watery grave. Ships and Sea Battles will keep you and your characters afloat!

  • Complete details on ship types, crewmen positions, Théan ports of call, adventure hooks, new campaign ideas, and more!
  • A brand new mass naval combat system, compatible with any previously existing set of mechanics and designed to thrust your characters into the heart of epic seaborne combat.
  • Fully compatible with both d20 System rules and the classic 7th Sea system.

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