Knights and Musketeers

Knights and Musketeers

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All for One and One for All!

Not everyone who wields a sword in Théah is a pirate or a highwayman. There is a long-standing tradition of honor and defense of the innocent, out of which grew Orders both chivalric and martial. Despite the massive changes that history has wrought upon the nations of Théah, there are still men and women who remain true to their ideals and proudly carry on the noble traditions.

Knights and Musketeers reveals information about these Orders - their history, oaths and laws, goals, martial skills, and the chivalric traditions by which they live. So don your tabard and learn what it means to join the ranks of those who have given their lives for a cause greater than themselves. The dark and the wicked shall fear your blade, for none serve justice as fiercely as the Knights and Musketeers of this realm!

Knights and Musketeers includes:

  • Details and rules for numerous chivalric and military Orders across Théah.
  • Guidelines for incorporating these Orders into any swashbuckling campaign.
  • New skills and background information, suitable for use in any setting.
  • New NPCs and ideas for adventures.
  • Fully compatible with both the d20 system and the classic 7th Sea system!
96 pages


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