The Princes Kingdom

The Princes Kingdom

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You are nine years old! You just had a birthday, and your brothers gave you a puppy. The three of you are seeing the world from your very own boat. You are the sons of the King of Islandia!

And you are the only three that can stop the war.

The Princes' Kingdom is a game about children, adults, and ideals.

The Princes' Kingdom is a game in which you and your friends act out the adventures of children in faraway lands. These lands are all across an ancient ocean, and are all ruled by a wise king. You play the king's children, princes, sent out to explore the kingdom and help out the citizens. The kingdom is very large, made up of hundreds of islands, and so the king sends out his princes to survey it and find out what sort of problems people have across the lands, so that they may one day be wise rulers themselves.

The game is inspired by the critically-acclaimed Dogs in the Vineyard, and has a foreword from Vincent Baker, the author of that game..

216 pages softcover

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