Hedge Magic

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"There is magic all around us. We of the Order fail to notice much of it. That which we notice we usually dismiss as trickery." - Rebecca of Mercere, chief librarian of Harco

Hedge Magic features four non-Hermetic magical traditions of Mythic Europe. The Cunning-folk live close to the land, crafting powerful charms, banes, and potions. Natural Magicians study the classical works of antiquity, unearthing new secrets of formulae and ritual. Spirit Masters call magical beings of diverse sorts, bargaining with them for powerful services. Finally, Ascetics, through meditation and austerity, are able to take their minds and bodies beyond the mundane limits of the world.

Whether these new traditions are used by players to create exciting new characters or storyguides to provide unforseen challenges, one thing is certain: with these new inhabitants, Mythic Europe will never be the same.

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