A Midsummernights Dream

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A Saga of Faerie Treachery for Ars Magica

Forged in Fire

Deep beneath the frozen ground lies the seed once-fallen. Still and cold, it awaits life that only Spring's thaw permits, and only Spring's kindness grants. In life the tree and your Covenant are one. Your stone foundations are your cold seed, and only through struggle and fate's kindness may your Spring thorns turn to Summer's branches, branches reaching like your burgeoning power and influence.

Forged in Magic

A Midsummer Night's Dream is an Ars Magica Third Edition Saga supplement, the first in the Four Seasons Tetralogy. In this series of tales, the characters and their vulnerable Spring Covenant must persevere through apocalyptic war and delicate faerie intrigue to survive magical infancy. Only by succeeding in their efforts may the characters know the glory of Summer.

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