Blowing Up Hong Kong

Blowing Up Hong Kong

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Action and Mysticism on the Front Lines of the Secret War

Whether you're a visiting sorcerer, a local cop, a refugee from the future, or an invader from the past, Hong Kong is the city where it all goes down. If you can't find adventure in Hong Kong, you're probably dead. Blowing Up Hong Kong is the much-anticipated guide to action-packed mayhem in the capital city of Feng Shui. Design intricate action tales that touch every corner of the city or grab a location for a fight scene on the fly. Meet people to hire, fear, hate, love, pursue, flee, and fight. Visit places to escape, raid, invade, explore, and explode. Find the secrets Innerwalkers will kill for. We've got you covered.

Blowing Up Hong Kong gives you the tools, the know-how, and the ammunition to make the city come alive in your own adventures. Inside are new and optional rules, including schticks, feng shui site benefits, and the effects of spiritual favor. Open this book and light the fuse.

96 pages softcover

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