A Trick on the Tain

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Adventure module for 4–6 characters of Levels 1–3

Enter a harsh and unforgiving tundra known as the Tain where traveling these lands means certain death for most. The party of adventurers become caught up in the the plight of the native inhabitants and the cruel designs of an evil hag. The actions of these heroes could bring about the end of a people or save them depending on the choice they make.

This 20-page full-sized module is intended for a group of low-level characters (about 6–8 total levels) with a Challenge Level of 1–5.

* In this module, you will also find: 12 New Illustrations
* 3 Different Maps
* 4 New Creatures for Castles & Crusades
* 1 New Magical Item
* 1 Quick Reference for the adventure's encounters




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