Tulip Academy's Society for Dangerous Gentlemen

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Welcome to the Dangerous Gentlemen, an elite group of boys and young men from the finest families in the world, hand selected from the student body of the prestigious Tulip Academy to become members of a most secret and ancient organization.

Every student of the Tulip Academy knows that when their time at the school is up they’ll be expected to enter the world of adults and follow in the footsteps of their parents.The Society for Dangerous Gentlemen recognizes that while they are enrolled in the academy they are free to pursue their every interest and desire, without any legal or parental authority to stand in their way and with the unlimited resources that only the truly wealthy can muster. Whether by engaging in epic romances, fighting in honorable duels, participating in deadly cross-country races or plotting to overthrow governments, the Society has dedicated itself to making the most of these few years of freedom, for both themselves and their fellow students!

The Tulip Academy’s Society for Dangerous Gentlemen is a brand new role playing game by Nick Smith, the award winning designer of Classroom Deathmatch, with art by Kayla Mayer.

  • Easy to learn rules based around shared narration and card based conflicts centering around the three pillars of classical education (Art, Science and Fencing) encourage gentlemanly behavior.
  • 100 random students, staff members, clubs, organizations and mysterious locations like Dr. Beatrix Passion, the girls of the official Dangerous Gentlemen Fan Club and the Society for Proper Tea Drinking , ready to populate your game and help bring your adventures to life! 
  • Perfect for single session play or multi-session adventures!
  • For 4 or more players. 
  • Beautiful color  illustrations by Kayla Mayer!


B5 full color softcover, 24 pages


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